Sound Healing

If you read the about me section, you probably realized that sound healing was not the plan. After getting sick I slowly started shifting my lifestyle to a slower, more natural, well balanced way of life.
I started with working on my body and being purposeful about the ingredients I allowed myself to consume, cutting out as many toxic products as possible.
I moved on to my environment, removing toxic people from my life.
And then the final peace (that’s not a typo,) I started working on my body and soul.

I was introduced into the world of energy healing through Reiki. After achieving my Reiki II certification, I started looking into ways to further my practice: enter sound healing.

I received my certification through the Atma Buti School of Vibrational Therapies, Dave soon followed.

We were fortunate enough to open an energy healing studio in NJ and create a wonderful family full of incredible clients (whom we dearly miss.) Unfortunately due to COVID, having clients regularly come to our studio was not an option and we had to make the painstaking decision to shut down our studio.

Our sound healing days are far from over however. We’ve had the incredible pleasure and honor of traveling the country visiting studios, retreats and varied organizations offering group sound baths. We’re blessed that our full time work is 100% remote and we have the ability to travel and spread the blessing that is sound healing as we please.

Want to learn a little more about how sound healing works? Check out this blog post from our school: Healing Through Sound

Some of the Instruments we travel with:

  • Gong
  • Tibetan Sound Bowl Set
  • 3 Mother Bowls
  • Set of mind Bowls
  • Dolphin Bowl
  • Tingshas
  • Ocean Drum
  • Rain Stick
  • Koshi Chimes
  • Bar Chimes
Charmion with East West Yoga JC

If you’re interested in having us host a sound bath meditation, we are available country wide for studios, retreats, special events and private events.

Our schedule and route is ever expanding and changing.
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Looking forward to connecting.