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Hello! I’m Jessi, and I’m absolutely passionate about self-sufficiency and overall mental & physical wellbeing. My husband Dave and I have embarked on a journey to build a life we truly love, and we’re excited to share our tips and experiences with you. We believe that creating and sharing daily habits is key to being accountable for your personal growth and happiness.

Our mission is to inspire and support you in building a life you love, one that aligns with your values and aspirations. So, whether you’re interested in daily habits, personal development, sustainable living, or exploring the beauty of Portugal and Spain, we’re here to accompany you on your journey to self-sufficiency and overall wellbeing.

Let’s create a life we love together!

JDC Publishing

In addition to sharing our insights on social media, we love to write and publish books that delve into various aspects of self-sufficiency, wellbeing, and personal development. Whether it’s about cultivating healthy habits, simplifying your life, or finding balance, We’re here to provide guidance and inspiration.

Jessi’s Socials

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JDC Designs

We also design apparel and accessories that reflect our philosophy of living a life of alignment. From comfy t-shirts with motivational quotes to eco-friendly accessories, our products are designed to remind you of your journey towards self-sufficiency and wellbeing.

JDC Recs

We understand that the right products and services can be instrumental in achieving your goals. That’s why we recommend carefully selected products and services that have personally helped us on our path to self-sufficiency. From sustainable living essentials to wellness services, we’re here to guide you toward the tools that can make a difference in your life.

JDC Stays

One of our most exciting ventures is the development of a property in Algarve, Portugal. We’re creating a haven for like-minded individuals where we’ll host retreats focused on self-sufficiency and wellbeing. We’ll also offer tours around Portugal and Spain, allowing you to explore the beauty of these regions while connecting with your inner self. And if you’re looking for a unique place to stay, we’ll have short-term rentals available for those who want to experience the self-sufficient lifestyle firsthand.


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