November – Market Partner Updates

Success isn’t always about greatness. It’s about consistency. Consistent hard work leads to success. Greatness will come.
-Dwayne Johnson

Available Call Schedule

Personal Development
M-F 7:30a est

Millionaire Makers
M,W,F 9a est
Link changes every call, request if you’d like to join in

Jewely Stevens
1st, 15th, 29th 9p est
Password Monat

Revolution Squad Trainings
Sa 12p est
Weekly training with Anne Fisher

There will be occassional additional trainings dropped into the chat as they come up.
We are all in different stages of our businesses. Nobody should be attending ALL of these trainings every week. Plug in where you’re needing most. Plug in where you get the most benefit, for the stage you’re at now. Not sure where you should be focusing?
Ask yourself:
Am I hitting MMP every month? no? you need an onboarding call.
Am I comfortable recommending products & understanding them? no? you need technical trainings.
Are you a person? yes? You need personal development (do it yourself if you cant make the calls)
Do you have somewhat of a routine? no? you could use business trainings.
Do you have big dream? Yes? You should catch some of the millionaire makers calls

Set your calendars and save this page for links. You don’t have to rely on the chat for reminders.



Date: 11/14 tentative
Price: TBD
Location: 13 Route 57, Hackettstown, NJ
Details: Click Here

Date: 11/20
Price: $75
Location: 70 Okner Pkwy, Livingston, NJ
Details: Click Here

Date: All of November, tentative drop off date 11/22
Location: Community Food Drive of NJ
Details: Click Here