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Welcome to Jessi & Dave’s Self-Sufficiency and Wellness Recommendations 🏡🛠️

Are you seeking practical products and services to make your self-sufficiency and wellness journey smoother? Our JDC Recs page is your trusted source for handpicked suggestions and reviews of items that align with your journey toward sustainable living, self-reliance, and holistic well-being.

Why Recommendations Matter

In a world filled with endless options, finding the right tools and resources to support your self-sufficiency and wellness goals can be overwhelming. That’s where Dave’s Recommendations comes in. We understand the importance of making informed choices, and our curated list of products and services is designed to simplify your decision-making process.

Our Approach

We believe in transparency and authenticity. While we do include affiliate recommendations, we only feature products and services that align with our mission of promoting self-sufficiency, sustainability, and wellness.
Every recommendation is carefully chosen based on its quality, relevance, and the value it can add to your journey.

Key Product and Service Categories:

  1. Homesteading Essentials: Explore must-have tools and equipment for successful homesteading, from gardening supplies to animal husbandry equipment.
  2. Wellness and Health Products: Discover wellness products that support a healthy lifestyle, including supplements, fitness gear, and natural remedies.
  3. DIY Resources: Access valuable DIY resources, including books, online courses, and tutorials, to enhance your self-sufficiency skills.
  4. Sustainability Solutions: Embrace eco-friendly products and services that align with sustainable living principles, from renewable energy solutions to zero-waste alternatives.
  5. Mindfulness and Mental Well-Being: Find recommendations for mindfulness apps, meditation guides, and mental health resources that foster well-being.
  6. Emergency Preparedness: Prepare for unforeseen circumstances with recommendations for emergency supplies, first aid kits, and survival gear.

We’ve recently launched our JDC Community on Whatsapp that enables you to get our recommendations straight to your phone! Once you join the community you can choose which groups to join; one of which is dedicated to making recommendations of toxin free products and servies that make your life easier.


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