JDC Commmunity

Hi! We wanted a place where our community can come together, ask for specific recommendations & recipes, seek support & tips for overcoming whatever challenges you’re experiencing and grow together as a community; so we created the JDC Community on whatsapp. You can join the community HERE.

Once you join the community, you can join any groups that interest you. We have our general chat where we share general updates and answer questions; the mindset group where we send daily mindset messages to remind you to stay focused on what matters, the recipe group where we share new recipes from our blog as well as take requests for recipes to develop & share; the product recommendations chat where we share our favorite things, from kitchen gadets to herbs to non-toxic alternatives to conventional products.

We ask that all recommendations are sent to Jessi before sharing in the chat (even if the recommendation was requested by another member) so that ingredients and methods can be researched prior to being shared, to ensure they are toxin free. Sharing recommendations before having them vetted will get you removed from the group.

We may be affiliated with some of the products we share. Please take a few minutes to read what that means, and how that affects what we recommend at https://jessianddave.com/jdcrecs/affiliatedisclosure/

Please also take a few minutes to read this in regards to any health & wellness recommendations we may make; https://jessianddave.com/jdcrecs/wellnessdisclaimer/