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Our world blew up on July 1, 2019.
Jessi was admited to Mount Sinai Hospital in NYC for what would be the fight of her life. She almost didn’t make it.
December 2019 she developed a massive infection in her colon which made it rupture (thankfully she already had an ostomy and the colon was no longer attached), and there she was, fighting for her life again.
March 2020 Dave had major spine surgery.

Throw in a world-wide pandemic, a crashing economy and instability all around… let’s just say it’s been years since we’ve managed to regain our footing.

But here we are over four years later, finding ourselves again.

We finally feel ready to relaunch Jessi & Dave in a real way, with the capacity to help others live better.

While we’re not officially bringing back energy healing, we are offering an array of ways to help you focus on your mental & physical health with a foundation in nature and the understanding that for every action there is a reaction. Everything you do has an impact in the way you live; from the way you eat to the way you think to the way you speak to yourself.

Our passion has always been self-sufficiency and overall mental & physical wellbeing and we’re excited to be delving into these areas and sharing our journey with you, in hopes that you too will take some control back and start thriving. is where you can find updates on everything we’re up to, and all of the different aspects of our business.

On our socials we will be sharing recipes, DIY tutorials & links (some of which will be affiliate links, read disclosure here) to services and products that we use in order to attain our lifestyle.

We’ve just launched a sms subscription where we will occassionally send you recommendations straight to your phone! Sign up by texting “recs” to (908) 300-3189

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We’re publishing books!
Jessi is writing & publishing books on topics of wellness while Dave is publishing in the field of self-sufficiency & homesteading. Jessi has also launched a sms susbcription where you will receive a daily text that will be a mix of motivations, affirmations & gentle accountability to get your butt in gear and focus on working towards your goals. Sign up by texting “mindset” to (908) 300-3189.

You can read a little about our publishing company here
You can read about Jessi’s wellness planner here here

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Our apparel & accessory business
In august we launched a section of our business that enables yout o literally wear your passion on your sleeves. Our collections are centered around our lifestyle so you’ll see themes such as homesteading, mental health, book lovers & of course personal collections filled wiht sarcasm & awkward humor (because YOLO amiright? does anyone still say that?!) If you love fun sweatshirts, travel mugs, totes, etc be sure to check out our storefront.

You can read a bit about this portion of our business here

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The most exciting update of all
In 2018, before our world exlpoded, we invested in 4 acres of property in Algarve, Portugal. We bought it with the intention of building a retreat center. With everything that’s happened in the past few years this project has had to take a back seat, however we are ready to dive in full force! Our amazing archetect is currently drawing up plans for our site which triple as short term rentals, a retreat location & center for hosting tours around Algarve & Spain.

You can learn a bit more about what’s coming here

If you’re still reading, we’d like to thank you for all of your support over the years. If you’re ever looking for something related to the topics we discuss & you can’t find on our site, you can reach out on any social media platform or email us at .

While we are lucky enough to have a kick ass remote team that helps us, we do most things ourselves so there are bound to be mistakes. If you find any typos or broken links, please let us know about it so we can get it fixed asap.

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