Is Your Hair Positively or Negatively Charged? 

Here’s a fun fact, your hair naturally has a negative charge. It’s “like static electricity but… insulated by our hair’s protective lipid layer.” [1] 

Your hair strands are made up of layers that protect your hair. Perfectly healthy hair looks shiny and smooth. But, as damage happens over time, your hair cuticle starts to crack. 

What Does Healthy Hair Look Like? 

Imagine looking at your hair under a microscope. 

First, you will see the outer layer called the cuticle. It looks like scales overlapping similar to the shingles on your roof.

The purpose of the cuticle layer is to prevent damage from entering into the inner layers. [2] 

In the center of the hair strand is the cortex layer. Here is where pigment is stored, giving your hair its natural color. [2] 

In healthy hair, the cuticle is covered by lipid layers on the outside that keep your hair smooth and shiny. “Healthy hair has a smooth, flat cuticle that is translucent and reflects light … a result of lipid layers on the outer cuticle that make each hair strand water repellent and feel smooth.” [3] 

Over time, as damage to the hair cuticle increases, the less lipid layers are left to protect the cortex. 

What Causes Hair Damage? 

These are some factors that can cause damage to your hair cuticle: [3]

  • UV rays 
  • Oxidation from air and water 
  • Overuse of heat styling 
  • Over brushing 
  • Chemical treatments such as coloring, permanent straightening or curling 

What Does Hair Damage Look Like? 

Think about those bad frizzy hair days. 

“Damaged hair has higher negative charge, and the hairs literally try to separate from each other, creating frizz.” [1] 

You may be causing damage to your hair unintentionally by excessively blow drying or over brushing your hair. 


These daily actions cause the outside layer of your hair to weaken, leaving the inner layer exposed to damage.

The problem is your body can’t “repair hair after it has grown out of the root.” [1] 

Opposites Attract. 

Think back to your high school science class. Do you remember using magnets to learn about positive and negative electrical charges? Objects with the same charge, like a negative and a negative will repel. But, objects with opposite charges attract, like a positive and a negative together. 

This is the idea behind the new magnetic hair care technology to improve the health of your hair. 

Hair damage like frizz or “static is the result of an imbalance of too many positive or negative charges in or on an object. [4] 

To solve this dilemma, hair industry scientists have developed hair products that are positively charged.

“These can neutralize each other to create harmony for your hair.”[4] 

Scientists infuse positively charged products to create an attraction between the product and your negatively charged hair as a way of “reducing negative charges and helping the hair lay down better.” [1] By using, “positively charged detergents and silicon molecules in shampoos, conditioners and detanglers.” [1] 

As a result, hair products like conditioners can be created to “restore the hair’s normal charge, thus making it less frizzy and easier to manage.” [5] 

Unique Magnetic Hair Care Technology 

Monat’s Damage Repair products have a unique technology called Monasomes. According to Monat’s chief scientific officer, Alan J. Meyers, “Monasomes are carriers that penetrate the hair and release active material over time.In the Monasones there are 10 different amino acids that focus on bond repair and bond building.” [6]

Meyers explains how Monasomes work. Monat’s Damage Repair products also have magnetic conditioners that have a partial positive charge. Like a magnet, the positive charge in the conditioners are attracted to the negative charge in your hair and continuously condition the outside of your hair. Monasomes have two naturally-based moisturizers: 

  • Sodium PCA -part of the natural moisturizer factor of your skin. 
  • Desert Date Oil- an oil that delivers moisture, increases shine, and manageability to your hair. 

Tried and True Magnetic Hair Care Products I thought my hair was in pretty good condition before trying these products but what a difference Monat’s Damage Repair system has made! 

Just check out my before and after pictures. 

Mind blowing! 

Let me share with you more about the unique magnetic technology in these innovative Monat products.

Try Monat’s Latest and Greatest Damage Repair Support System to see the results for yourself! 

This leave-in treatment cream acts as a deep conditioner to treat weak hair bonds from the inside out. Strengthening your hair against breakage. Plus, it reduces frizz! [7] 

What benefits can the Damage Repair Bond-Fortifying Hair Leave-in creme have on your hair? [7] 

  • Protects from heat styling 
  • Shields from environmental elements 
  • Nourishes hair cuticles to prevent future breakage 
  • Softens and smooths hair for effortless detangling and styling.


Part of the Damage Repair Support System is the Bond Support Shampoo. This shampoo not only works to repair

damaged hair but also hydrates, reduces friction, and adds shine. [ 7 ] 

What makes the Bond Support Shampoo different? Unlike other shampoos, the Bond Support Shampoo penetrates through the three layers of your hair. As a result, your hair bonds will be stronger, your hair will have better elasticity. [7] 

It is made with natural ingredients such as red algae and coconut oil. “Red algae extract envelops hair strands to act as a protective shield while shampooing. Coconut oil moisturizes hair while cleansing to remove dirt, oil, and sebum.” [ 7 ]


This Bond Support Masque also uses Monat-exclusive Monasone technology to repair and strengthen overworked hair by “bonding hair fibers to replenish, repair, and strengthen.” [7]

What are the benefits of using the Bond Support Masque on your hair? 

Is your hair dry? Tangled? Weak? 

The Bond Support Masque contains coconut oil to get rid of dryness and smooth hair for smooth brushing to reduce hair breakage. [7] 


What is the Bond-Building Hair Treatment? 

A serum that conditions, strengthens and repairs damage at the hair’s core. [7] 

What are the benefits of using the Bond Building Hair Treatment on your hair? 

Your hair will be healthier after using the Bond-Building Hair Treatment. Not only is it created with Monasome technology but it also has sugarcane to help repair your hair cuticle. As a result, your hair is primed, bonds are reinforced, and elasticity is improved. [7] 

The Monat Damage Repair System uses unique technology called Monasomes to seal the hair cuticle and protect it. These products help to repair the bonds in your hair and reverse damage from the inside out. 

So if you’re in the market for innovative hair care products that repair your hair from the inside out, send me a

message over on IG or FB. Let me hook you up with these magnetic hair care products so you can start to see healthier hair!


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