OCTOBER – Market Partner Updates

From Jessi & Dave

We are so proud of every one of you who is not only daring to dream, but sitting down and planning out your action and steps in order to achieve those dreams. Only YOU can make the decision to step up, cut the excuses and get to work.
Real growth is not easy. It will require you to get uncomfortable. It will require you to do things that you don’t necessarily want to do. When times get complicated, and work gets hard … PUSH HARDER. 95% of people quit right before a breakthrough.

We dream big around here. We know where we’re going. The question is, are you coming with? Remember, it doesn’t matter if you stepped away from the business, you can always come back and relaunch!

We have a ton of announcements, upcoming events and available trainings coming up. See below for details

Available Call Schedule

Personal Development
M-F 7:30a est

Millionaire Makers
M,W,F 9a est
Link changes every meeting, request if you’d like to join in

MHC Huddle
M 10:15a est
Get your weekly announcements and kickstart your week with Brooke & Jason

Technical Trainings
M 7p est
4th  Moisture vs Hydration in skin and hair – With Jennifer Berkey
11th Wellness- With Jennifer Rust & Luana Manning
18th VIP acquisition & Targeting Male VIPs – With Tammy Lovette & Dave Cabral
25th Intense Repair Line- With Danielle Bohannon

MHC Team Rally
Tu 8p est
Weekly training with our Directors Brooke & Jason Rash and special guests

MHC Onboarding
Tu 9p est (immediately after rally)
Weekly onboarding call

Business Trainings
W 7p est
6th Goal check in and accountability session & Q & A – with Jessi Moreira
13thTrello Board Set up & Q & A- With Jessi Moreira
20th Mindset- With Rene Hajjar & Liz Sanchez
27th Q4 Vision Board in person & via zoom- With Catherine DaGraca

MHC Team Rally
Th 8p est
Weekly training with our Directors and special guests

Revolution Squad Trainings
Sa 12p
Weekly training with Anne Fisher

We are all in different stages of our businesses. Nobody should be attending ALL of these trainings every week. Plug in where you’re needing most. Plug in where you get the most benefit, for the stage you’re at now. Not sure where you should be focusing?
Ask yourself:
Am I hitting MMP every month? no? you need an onboarding call.
Am I comfortable recommending products & understanding them? no? you need technical trainings.
Are you a person? yes? You need personal development (do it yourself if you cant make the calls)
Do you have somewhat of a routine? no? you could use business trainings.
Do you have big dream? Yes? You should catch some of the millionaire makers calls


Collection Benefitting Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

We’re collecting goods through 10/31
Collection is in honor a Chloe, one of our MP’s cousin’s who was killed in a motor vehicle accident. Visit http://www.jessianddave.com/chloe for details.
Let Jessi, Dave or Luana know that you will be joining in on delivering the goods on 11/1

Winery Picnic

We will be visiting Beneduce Winery on 10/16 at 12:00
$15 fee to cover some decor, a charcuterie board and a photographer
venmo @jessianddave . Guests are ENCOURAGED! Bring your friends so they can see how much fun we have together
Please RSVP to Jessi ASAP

Pumpkin Painting
10/23 @4pm
Let’s get together and have some fun!!

Supplies needed: Pumpkin, pain & brushes
Location: Meet up with some local shampoo sisters and friends for a fun night AND let’s make it one big zoom party!!! Organize your local event, then during each of our events let’s meet up on zoom so we can share our creations!! Don’t have anyone local? That’s ok!! Grab your supplies and paint with us virtually <3


Open Door Saturdays 

Every Saturday, we are opening our doors from 10am to 1pm.
Come over, ready to work. Get in person training or just sit and work with us.
From 12-1 we attend Anne Fisher’s call. 

Everyone is welcome. Just let us know you are coming.

Leadership 500

Two ways qualify for the leadership training in MIAMI!
1. CURRENT MARKET PARTNERS WITH CAREER-RANKS OF MMB, AMM, AND MM: If you’re a Career-Rank MMB, AMM, or MM (as of the close of the August 2021 Commission Period), you may qualify to attend if you: A) Maintain your Paid-As Rank equal to or higher than your August 2021 Career Rank in 3 out of 4 months, from September–December 2021 B) Must Maintain your Paid-As Rank equal to or higher than your August 2021 Career Rank in December (which will count as 1 of your 3 months) C) Enroll at least two (2) new Market Partners with Product Packs and eight (8) new VIP Customers from September–December 2021.

2. MARKET PARTNERS WHO RANK ADVANCE FOR THE FIRST TIME TO MMB, AMM, OR MM: If your current Career Rank is below MMB or you are a new Market Partner, you may qualify to attend if you: A) Rank Advance to MMB, AMM OR MM in September or October 2021* B) Are Paid-As MMB or higher for at least 3 months from September–December 2021** C) Achieve Paid-As MMB, AMM OR MM in December 2021 (which will count as 1 of your 3 months) D) Enroll at least two (2) new Market Partners with Product Packs and eight (8) new VIP Customers.

Monations 2022

America’s Center Convention Complex
St Louis, MO

Purchase your tickets at monations.com

*prices go up 10/1*

VIP point system

Monat has outdone themselves again.
We will soon have a brand new point system for our VIPs. Here are the details we have so far:

-Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
-Earn 100 points and get $10 off your next regular or flexship order
-Earn 300 points and unlock VIP+, which unlocks a special gift

Damage Repair Line

Woah. We have both used this full line and are completely blown away. The diameter of my strands has almost doubled. I went longer between washes and my hair looks and feels amazing. This line is good for everyone to some extent. There is a training in our FB group. Ask your sponsor if you need help locating it. This line will require some trial and error.

Bodycare line 

It’s FINALLY here! Full body skincare.
The products we didn’t know we needed!
These product hold hydration in your skin for up to 24 hours after you’ve used them. The before and afters I’ve been seeing are so, so, sooo good!

Vegan Vanilla Protein

Amino acids are considered the building blocks of muscle. Your body digests amino acids and uses them to create protein structures inside your body, including lean muscle. While some amino acids can be created by the body, nine essential amino acids can only be obtained from the foods we eat. MONAT Vegan Protein features all nine of these and more!

• Provides twenty grams of satisfying protein, with zero grams of sugar† and only 100 calories per serving.
• The silky-smooth, grit-free texture and natural vanilla flavor are enjoyable and delicious.
• Mixes easily with water, plant milk or as the base of your favorite smoothie recipe